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Genoa, Venice, and their colonies compared, 13th to 16th century. People, Power, and Art

Genoa, Venice, and their colonies compared, 13th to 16th century. People, Power, and Art

Comparisons between Genoa and Venice have been drawn primarily from the perspective of the discipline of history, if at all. Both similarities and differences have been noted, but it has also been questioned whether a comparative approach is useful at all, describing the two sea powers as „incomparable”.

However, this is not true for the way in which Genoa and Venice established their respective systems of colonies along the coasts of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea: here, significant analogies in practices and solutions have been suggested. And yet, one can rightly ask why the „colonial systems”, and architectural and artistic features of their colonies were so different in so many respects. This conference aims to re-evaluate a comparative approach and to explicitly broaden the horizon by considering the material and visual cultures of both the cities themselves and their colonies.

By doing so, archival work, epigraphic studies, art history and archaeology, grounded in both local examples and trans-regional field studies, will be brought together. Furthermore, concepts and terms related to research on the phenomenon of colonies will be scrutinized so as to come to a discussion more reflective as concerns terminology. It is hoped that the comparative perspective will prove especially fruitful regarding this aspect.



 Conference details

Julian Gardner, The Projection of Power in two thirteenth-century Italian Maritime Republics


Saturday, 1 April 2023

Venue: Room of Virtues, The Bishop Erazm Ciołek Palace (first floor), branch of the National Museum in Kraków (17 Kanonicza Street)


9.00     Welcome Address

Andrzej Szczerski, director of the National Museum in Kraków and Stanisław Sroka, Dean of the Faculty of History of the Jagiellonian University

Introduction Rebecca Müller/Rafał Quirini-Popławski


I Deux styles, une réussite? Chair: Rebecca Müller, Heidelberg

9.30     Fiscalità, credito e guerra navale. Genova e Venezia: stati fiscali-militari?

Antonio Musarra, Rome


II Relations in comparison

10.15   Framing Commerce between Empire, Crusade and Law Merchant: Venice, Genoa and the Mamluks in the 14th Century

Georg Christ, Manchester


11.00 Coffee break

Chair: Mateusz Grzęda, Kraków

11.30   Asymmetrical Reactions. Venice and Genoa facing the crisis of the Golden Horde: 1343-1475

Lorenzo Pubblici, Naples


12.15   Constructed Communities in the West: Genoese and Venetians in the Iberian Realms Nikolas Jaspert, Heidelberg


13.00 Break

III Urbanism and Architecture Chair: Mirosław Piotr Kruk, Gdańsk/Kraków

14.30    I quartieri dei Genovesi e dei Veneziani nelle città del Mediterraneo: ricezione e diffusione dei modelli architettonici ed urbanistici tra l’Oltremare e la Madrepatria

Alireza Naser Eslami, Genoa


15.15   Da Costantinopoli a Istanbul gli insediamenti dei Veneziani e dei Genovesi: uno sguardo comparativo sul contesto urbanistico

Aygül Ağır, Istanbul [via Zoom]


16.00 Coffee break

18.30 Evening lecture

Venue: Lanckoroński Room (no 39), Collegium Iuridicum (first floor), Department of the History of Art of the Jagiellonian University (53 Grodzka Street)


Welcome Address by Marek Walczak, Director of the Department of the History of Art of the Jagiellonian University


IV Art and Power Chair: Rafał Quirini-Popławski, Kraków

The Projection of Power in two thirteenth-century Italian Maritime Republics

Julian Gardner, Warwick



Sunday, 2 April 2023

9.30     Art in Time and Space. Materials in Genoa and Venice and their origin

Rebecca Müller, Heidelberg


10.15    Painting in the Greek Way: Genoese and Venetian Perspectives

Michele Bacci, Freiburg



11.00 Coffee break

11.30   Genoa, Venice, and Yuan China: Art beyond the Colonies

Romedio Schmitz-Esser, Heidelberg


12.15 Final discussion

13.00 Break

Słowa kluczowe: Conference, Andrzej Szczerski
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