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The Matejkos. The Next Generation

06.03.2020-30.06.2021 The Matejkos. The Next Generation

The Jan Matejko House – a museum established in the 19th century as an innovative tribute to an outstanding man and his meritorious service to the Polish and European cultures – boasts an extremely interesting collection of exhibits.

The exhibition entitled “The Matejkos. The Next Generation” consists of a selection of memorabilia related to Jan Matejko’s children: Tadeusz (1865–1911), Helena Unierzyska (1867–1932), Beata Kirchmayer (1869–1926), Jerzy (1873–1827) and Regina (1878–1878), and his grandchildren. We get to know the Master’s closest family members through caricatures and composition sketches for portraits he made and works created by his children. These include their attempts at painting, sculpting, and writing literary and poetic works. There are also works using pencil and watercolour with visible corrections by their father, the great painter. The exhibition also includes family photographs, letters, official documents, jubilee memorabilia, tributes and items from Matejko’s private collection. The exhibition illustrates Matejko’s patriotic, social and civic activity and commitment, and presents the atmosphere of his home, in which the attitudes of the next generation were shaped. It also shows the participation of Matejko’s children in the mission of creating a biographical museum dedicated to their father.


MNK The Matejko

ul. Floriańska 41, 31-019 Kraków
  • Monday: closed
  • tuesday: 10:00-18:00
  • wednesday-sunday: 10.00-16.00
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