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The Collection

The Collection

The Collection

The collections of the National Museum in Krakow number almost 780 000 objects. Of these over 300 000 belong to the collection of the Princes Czartoryski Museum and Library which is managed by the National Museum in Krakow. There are artefacts from every period of history. The oldest exhibits in the Museum date from prehistoric times, though these are limited in number as the Museum does not usually collect archaeological artefacts, with the exception of classical archaeology. The Museum also possesses a separate collection of ancient art, recent works acquired from contemporary artists, and collections of medieval and modern art from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The core of the collection is Polish art (painting, sculpture, drawing, decorative art), though there are also numerous western European works, a collection of religious art related to the Orthodox Church, and an extremely valuable collection of oriental art, mainly from Japan. Besides works of art the Museum also collects library collections (including old prints, manuscripts and cartography), numismatics and historical photographs. A particularly interesting department is the Studio of the Iconography of Krakow with its collection of historical views and photographs of the city.

Most of the Museum's collections were acquired through donations, mainly during the period of partitions and the twenty-year interwar period. Major donations were made by Feliks Jasienski, Count Emeryk Hutten-Czapski, Erazm Baracz, Stanislaw Ursyn-Rusiecki, Wiktor Wittyg, Edward Goldstein, Helena Budzynowska née Dabczanska, Stanislaw August Poniatowski and many others.

The Museum's collections are divided among twenty-one departments, each of which collects items of a particular type (e.g. the Numismatics Room). The collections are made available to the public in permanent and temporary exhibitions. Artefacts which are usually kept in the Museum's stores are also made available for research purposes.
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  • Militaria in the NMK collections

    Militaria in the NMK collections

    19 photos
  • Picturesque Landscapes

    Picturesque Landscapes

    18.07.2016 17 photos
  • Motherhood


    26.05.2016 14 photos
  • Images of Women in Japanese Painting and Woodblock prints

    Images of Women in Japanese Painting and Woodblock prints

    30.12.2016 10 photos
  • Adam Asnyk Mementoes

    Adam Asnyk Mementoes

    12.12.2016 12 photos
  • Gloria in Excelsis Deo

    Gloria in Excelsis Deo

    21.12.2015 18 photos
  • How to dress the Child

    How to dress the Child

    01.12.2016 18 photos
  • Twilights


    12.12.2016 15 photos
  • Our finest Teacups

    Our finest Teacups

    01.12.2016 21 photos
  • Images of Death

    Images of Death

    01.11.2016 13 photos
  • Old prints on medal-making from the NMK collection

    Old prints on medal-making from the NMK collection

    22.08.2016 11 photos
  • Henryk Siemiradzki  (1843–1902)

    Henryk Siemiradzki (1843–1902)

    29.07.2016 7 photos
  • Scenes from the life of a Legion soldier

    Scenes from the life of a Legion soldier

    22 photos
  • Birds from our collection

    Birds from our collection

    25.07.2016 24 photos
  • Unusual dose of art

    Unusual dose of art

    01.10.2015 21 photos
  • Sculpture portraits by Xawery Dunikowski

    Sculpture portraits by Xawery Dunikowski

    24.11.2015 7 photos
  • Self-portraits by Jacek Malczewski

    Self-portraits by Jacek Malczewski

    15.07.2016 9 photos
  • Seascapes


    04.07.2016 18 photos
  • Tatra Epic in Paintings

    Tatra Epic in Paintings

    26.06.2016 19 photos
  • Children's World

    Children's World

    01.06.2016 20 photos
  • Collection - evolution

    Collection - evolution

    13.05.2016 6 photos
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