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Birds from our collection

  • Inspired by the exhibition titled 'Max Ernst. An Ornithologist’s Dreams' at the International Culture Centre, we decided to fish out some birds lurking in the collections of the National Museum in Krakow. Here are some of those we managed not to shoo away.

  • Herons by a Willow Tree, traditionally attributed to Tu Bing (1770–1824)

  • Utagawa Hiroshige, Little Owl on a Pine Branch

  • Masayoshi Kitao, Two Birds on a Maple Branch, 18th/19th century

  • Vase depicting the sun behind the clouds and a flying heron

  • August Friedrich, Cockfight, the first half of the 19th century

  • Jacek Malczewski, Spring, 1898

  • Charles Laplante and Paul Gustave Doré, Birds among Vines after Gustave Doré, the second half of the 19th century

  • Utagawa Hirohige, Pheasant on a snow-covered pine trunk

  • Shiko, Bird on a branch with purple fruits, XIX/XX century

  • Vlastimil Hofman, Spring, 1918

  • Emil Krcha, Still life with a duck, 1932

  • Maria Giżbert-Studnicka, Ghost bird

  • Stanisław Kosiarski, Figurine – Peacock, late 1930s

  • Unkonow artist, Crane with chicks on a bough pine, c. half XX century

  • Jonasz Stern, Bird, between 1950 and 1954

  • Karol Frycz, Hen with chicks, 1903 paper, cardboard

  • Karol Frycz, Guinea fowl in the garden, 1903 paper, cardboard

  • Jerzy Skarżyński oil on canvas

  • Studio "Steatyt", Figurine – Intertwined Birds, the 1960s

  • Zbigniew Lutomski, Birds, 1962 r.

  • Kazimierz Mikulski, Birds, 1967

  • Leszek Dutka, from the series 'The Hawks and the Sparrows', 1968 Sculpture 'Still Emptiness Around' and sculpture 'Walking Alone at the Beginning of the World'

  • Witold Skulicz, Hit bird, 1987

  • Janina Kraupe-Świderska, Island of Birds

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