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Our finest Teacups

  • Most of us probably have our favourite mug or cup. To be honest, the collections of the National Museum in Krakow don't contain many mugs, but cups are extremely numerous. We'd like to show you our favourites. Some of the presented cups constitute elements of coffee or tea sets, but most are individual items. Among them you can see cups bearing traces of use, and those that functioned as decorative trinkets. The oldest of the selected cups was made before mid-18th century, while the newest one dates back to the 1960s.

    Text and selection of objects: Bożena Kostuch – curator of the Ceramics Collection in the Department of Decorative Art, Material Culture and Militaria

    Compilation: Joanna Zawierucha-Gomułka – editor in the New Media Department

  • Teacup with lid and saucer featuring a portrait of Stanisław August Poniatowski Meissen; Germany; c. 1780

  • Teacup with a depiction of St Hedwig of Silesia Slavkov (Schlaggenwald); the Czech Republic; 1828

  • Teacup with a portrait of Prince Józef Poniatowski France; after 1813

  • Teacup with a view of Munich Nymphenburg; Germany; c. 1840-1860

  • Teacup Loket (formerly: Elbogen); Czech Republic; 1839

  • Teacup Vienna (State Manufactory); Austria; 1809

  • Teacup Berlin (KPM); Germany; early 19th century

  • Teacup Gardner Factory, Verbilki; Russia; 1810-1840

  • Teacup with saucer Flamen-Fleury; Paris; 1st quarter of the 19th century

  • Teacup with saucer Carl Knoll, Rybaře (Fischern); Czech Republic; 1848-1868

  • Teacup with a view from a Gothic chapel in Arcadia Baranówka; Poland; 1810-1820

  • Teacup design: Stanisław Witkiewicz, 1898; Sevres, France, 1900-1901

  • Teacup from the President's set Ćmielów; Poland; 1930

  • Teacup with saucer Carl Knoll, Rybaře (Fischern); Czech Republic; 1848-1868

  • Teacup Baranówka; Poland; 1806-1815

  • Teacup France; early 19th century

  • Teacup Josef Hoffmann, (1870-1956); Austria

  • Teacup design: Bogdan Wendorf; Ćmielów - Poland; c. 1932-1934;

  • Teacup design: Edmund Ruszczyński, Wałbrzych, "Wawel"; Poland; 1957 (design)

  • Teacup with saucer design: Józef Wrzesień, (1930-2007)
    Chodzież, Poland; 1959;

  • Coffee Cup ('Ina' Design) Ćmielów; Poland; 1961-1962

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