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Łempicka – organizational changes

Łempicka – organizational changes

MNK The Main Building

al. 3 Maja 1
In view of the great interest in the ŁEMPICKA exhibition, for which we are delighted and for which we thank you, and in order to make your visit to the exhibition more efficient and enjoyable, we would like to provide you with some organisational information and inform you about the changes we have decided to introduce in the last months of the exhibition:
  1. The opening hours of the exhibition are extended from March 7 to the end of its duration, i.e. March 12. The exhibition can be visited daily until 20.00. ATTENTION! from March 10 to 12, the cash desks will be open until 18.00. The change does not apply to other exhibitions in the Main Building.
  2. We encourage you to use the tickets you have already purchased. Due to the remaining duration of the exhibition, i.e. until 12 March 2023, and the high level of interest in it, please do not put off your visit until the last moment.
  3. On account of the large number of purchased and unused tickets, the possibility of purchasing them via the Internet is closed from March 1, 2023. Tickets will still be available at the Museum ticket office in the Main Building.
  4. Due to the large number of group reservations already made, in order to streamline the visit to the exhibition, we have dropped the possibility of booking a visit. Groups that have already booked will be served without change, meaning that they will visit the exhibition at specific times, without having to wait in line. 
  5. Visitor limits are in place at the exhibition due to conservation requirements and the protection of the objects on display, as well as the comfort and safety of visitors, resulting in queues before entering the exhibition.
  6. The average waiting time for the exhibition is about 3 hours, but it can be longer. Staff regularly keep you informed about it. Therefore, please allow extra time when planning your visit to the museum.

We ask for your understanding; we are making every effort to ensure that all of you can visit the exhibition in a comfortable environment, while ensuring the safety of the works.


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