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Permanent galleries


Show department


The Princes Czartoryski Museum

Centuries of rappresentazioni musicali in the collections of the Princes Czartoryski Library

The exhibition “Centuries of rappresentazioni musicali in the collections of the Princes Czartoryski Library” is focused on opera, a genre of music which has from the outset combined several artistic forms including words, music, images, and dance.

The Czapski Museum

Medal in private. Private Medals in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

From their very beginnings, medals have been close to the hearts of those who receive them – quite literally! They were often meant to be held in the hand, and to be passed from hand to hand (either in official ceremonies or during private events), or sent by post, or even … tossed out into gathered crowds. They were used in a variety of ways also. They were sometimes piously stored in small cases, or ostentatiously worn on the chest, everyday items were decorated with them, or they were interred in graves along with the deceased. They accompanied people during family celebrations such as baptisms, weddings and funerals, but also lent a celebratory touch to official ceremonies. Their purpose was to commemorate events and individuals, thus they were mementos of a personal nature in every sense.

The Main Building

A New Beginning. Modernism in the Second Polish Republic

The exhibition ‘A New Beginning. Modernism in the Second Polish Republic’ presents the dynamics and original character of modernism in Poland in the interwar period, using various exhibits for this purpose: from works of art to technical inventions, from architecture to fabric designs, from furniture to everyday objects.

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