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MNK The Szymanowski

On a return visit. The decorative panels by Jan Rembowski from the Dłuski Sanatorium in Zakopane

After almost 100 years, more decorative panels painted by the artist Jan Rembowski (1879–1923), following the panel Pochód górali (Procession of Highlanders), will return temporarily to Zakopane. The two monumental works entitled Pochód dzieci góralskich (Procession of Highlander Children) and Pochód góralek (Procession of Highlander Women) were initially part of the artistic interior design of the theatre room in the main building of the sanatorium operated by Bronisława and Kazimierz Dłuski in Kościelisko.

MNK The Mehoffer

The Singer. A Masterpiece by Józef Mehoffer

Starting in the spring of 1894, Józef Mehoffer, who was on scholarship in Paris, began to devote his free time quite intensively to music. He owed this to having made the acquaintance at that time of the Janakowski sisters, Jadwiga (1871-1956), his future wife, and Wanda (1873-1940), who had come to the French capital to study art. They were from a landowning family in the Eastern Borderlands. Jadwiga developed her painting skills, while Wanda’s forte was singing. Both were particularly fascinated by the music of Richard Wagner

MNK The Matejko

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