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Permanent galleries


Show department


The Erazm Ciołek Palace

Mirys. Portraits

The now largely forgotten Augustyn Mirys (1700-1790) was one of the most fascinating painters active in the late Baroque period in Poland. Scottish by descent but born in France and undertaking professional activity in Italy, he ultimately settled in Poland, where he spent the remainder of his life creating numerous works for the aristocratic elite of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The exhibition being presented at the Bishop Erazm Ciołek Palace brings together his finest portraits from museums in Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine; it was in portraits that the talent of Mirys is most fully revealed.

The Main Building

A New Beginning. Modernism in the Second Polish Republic

The exhibition ‘A New Beginning. Modernism in the Second Polish Republic’ presents the dynamics and original character of modernism in Poland in the interwar period, using various exhibits for this purpose: from works of art to technical inventions, from architecture to fabric designs, from furniture to everyday objects.

The Szymanowski Museum

On a return visit. The decorative panel by Jan Rembowski from the Dłuski Sanatorium in Zakopane

After almost 100 years, a decorative panel entitled Pochód górali (Procession of Highlanders) painted by the artist Jan Rembowski (1879–1923) will return temporarily to Zakopane. This monumental work of art was initially part of the artistic interior design of the theatre room in the main building of the sanatorium run by Bronisława and Kazimierz Dłuski in Kościelisko.

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