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Jan Matejko / biography, works, activity 10.05-23.06.2019 Jan Matejko / biography, works, activity

Exhibition “Jan Matejko / biography, works, activity” prepared on the basis of the collection from the Jan Matejko House – branch of the National Museum in Krakow, presents the figure of Matejko –  one of the greatest Polish artists, representative of the genre of historical painting, enthusiast for the past, monuments and artistic craft, and a citizen.

The exhibition will feature the sources of designs used by Matejko: drawings, stamp casts, artistic craft, clothes and fabrics, nineteenth-century photographs. It includes copies from the “Clothing in Poland…”, drawing sketches, designs for St. Mary’s Church polychrome by Jan Matejko, photographs and reproductions of his paintings.

Curator of the exhibition: Marta Kłak-Ambrożkiewicz, National Museum in Krakow

Honorary patronage: Mayor of the Municipality of Krzeszowice
Media patronage: Radio Kraków

Sponsor: BAN Bożek Company – Investor of the multi-family building in Krzeszowice, Srebrne Kąty

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