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Open day conference of the Spektrum Project

Open day conference of the Spektrum Project

International project Partners and the National Museum in Krakow have the honor to invite you to the open day conference of the Spektrum Project.
This event is held to summarize more than two years of cooperation with partners from Belgium, GB, Spain, and Italy. As a result of workshop meetings, training, and study visit to project partner countries, a set of materials was developed. These tools help adapt cultural institutions to the needs of visitors with autism spectrum disorder.

The Project Spektrum summary is a part of the MNK open day celebration. A document called "Museum - People - Future" will be presented for the first time. The document describes MNK's social responsibility, accessibility, inclusion, and sustainable management commitments.

We would like to invite you to participate in the conference and workshops, prepared for employees of cultural institutions, local government units, and people representing organizations working with people with autism spectrum disorders. 
Registration for the conference and workshops via the online questionnaire form.

Event program
October 6, 2022, 10:00-15:00
Main Building of the MNK, al. 3 Maja 1 / Museum of the Czartoryski Princes, 15 Pijarska St. (workshop) / Szołayski House, 9 Szczepański Square (workshop)

  • 10:00 - participant registration.
  • 10:30 – welcoming the guests' presentation of the document called “Museum – People - Future” Museum's mission by Tomasz Ostrowski, Deputy Director for Strategy and Communications of the MNK.
  • 11:00 - Spektrum Project – “How to make a cultural institution open to people on the autism spectrum”? Presentation of the project outcomes. 
  • 12:15 - coffee break and discussion
  • 13:30-15:00: workshops

Accessibility of the Princes Czartoryski Museum  
Museum of the Czartoryski Princes, 15 Pijarska St.

Conducting: K. Szczygieł (MNK)
Description: During the meeting at the Princes Czartoryski Museum, participants will get acquainted with the exhibition guide prepared within the framework of the Spektrum project, especially aimed at people with ASD. We will discuss and show a pre-guide to help prepare for a visit to the museum, copies of monuments to touch, tiffographs of selected works of art, and a quiet zone in the museum. We will talk about our experience in hosting people with special needs at the Princes Czartoryski Museum.

How to practically apply the "checklist"? Workshop on the example of the MNK branch.
Szołayski House, 9 Szczepański Square

Conducting: A. Vander Stichele (FARO), B. Cichy (MNK)
Description: During the meeting, participants will learn how the "checklist" tool can help shape a museum more accessible to people with the autism spectrum. The 6 areas presented allow understanding in detail the needs of guests visiting the cultural institutions. Simultaneously, it provides an opportunity to analyze the situation of their own institution. 

In the workshop, we will answer some questions: How to complete the list? Who should be involved? Should the entire checklist be completed? Using the example of one of the branches of the MNK, we will examine how to apply the list in practice.

The Spektrum of possibilities - methods of working with people with ASD in the museum.
Main Building of the MNK, al. 3 Maja 1

Conducting: C. de Medio (Roma Tre), A. Sokulska (MNK)
Description: At the workshop, participants will learn about the possibilities provided by the Document: "Educational Toolkit". How it can be used. We will also put several methods into practice in the XX+XXI. Polish Art Gallery. It will be a time for creative action, and an exchange of experiences to try something new.
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