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Dixit MNK - mini board game festival

Dixit MNK - mini board game festival

12 p.m. - 5 p.m.
It promises to be an exciting Saturday in the heart of Krakow. Lectures, collages, guided tours... among them games and contests for prizes! Events in Polish, but Dixit works in any language!
Surprising, exciting, enchanted... like art. A fresh addition to the iconic, award-winning card game Dixit: MNK. The artworks which illustrate the 84 cards have been selected from over a million pieces owned by Poland's oldest and largest art collection. You will find paintings you know well, and ones that no one expected. Experience them yourself, let them spark your imagination!

The National Museum in Krakow and Rebel.pl invite you to Krakow's Sukiennice on August 19, 2023 to celebrate the official launch of Dixit: MNK! We offer you a meeting at card tables, contests, games and a one-of-a-kind guided tour of the Gallery of 19th Century Polish Art.

Play with Rebel in the Dixit universe | Chełmoński Hall | 12:30-17:00
To the accompaniment of art, the rustling of cards being played will resound. That's right - the room where the Józef Chełmoński Czwórka is located will turn into a board game zone, where you will be able to sit at one of eight tables full of games from the Dixit universe! We invite both groups and individuals to join in - bring your friends to the Sukiennice, take a table and have fun! It is there that you will learn about and try out games from the Dixit family: Dixit, Stella, Mysterium, as well as put together Dixit puzzles. Specialists from Rebel will talk about the games, about the "Zgrana Szkoła" project, as well as present an accessible cognitive version of the Dobble game from the Access+ series.

Details and moore info - coming soon!

Lectures (PL) | Siemiradzki Room - stage

12:00 - Opening and greeting, introduction to the tour (Tomasz Ostrowski, MNK Deputy Director for Strategy and Communication)

2:00 PM - Dixit on the school desk - board games in education (Urszula Świat, coordinator of educational projects at Rebel publishing house)

3:00 PM - Universal universe? - Availability of board games on the example of Dixit and Dobble Access+ (Urszula Świat, coordinator of educational projects at Rebel publishing house)

4:00 PM - Seriously-seriously, the museum has such paintings in its collection? - about works you find on Dixit cards, but can't see in the gallery (Agata Jabłońska, MNK)

Guided tour (PL) | Start: Siemiradzki Room

12:45 - Gallery of 19th Century Polish Art a little differently (Anna Orzeł, MNK), start: Pochodnie Nerona (Neron's Torches)

Collages for big and small: remix! | Michałowski Room - creative zone | 12:00-4:30 PM

Dixit : MNK cards are a selection of works of art that are unusual in themselves and provoke loose connotations. But what will happen when we go one step further and let them talk to each other? We invite you to the art booth! Here you will create your own card, a collage with themes from the collection of the National Museum in Krakow.

Events in Polish, but Dixit works in any language!