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The most beautiful paintings by Olga Boznańska

  • Olga Boznańska (1865–1940) is one of the most unique and appreciated Polish artists in the world. Her works represent Polish art in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad. This is how Olga Boznańska spoke about her works: “My paintings look great because they are the truth, they are fair, yours, there is no narrow-mindness, no mannerism and no bluff”.

  • Olga Boznańska, The Florists oil, canvas, 1889, ownership NMK

  • Olga Boznańska, Study of a Woman with a Girl (Portrait of Woman with a Little Girl) ca 1893, ownership NMK

  • Olga Boznańska, Girl with Chrysanthemums oil, cardboard, 1894, ownership NMK

  • Olga Boznańska, Breton Woman oil, cardboard, 1890, ownership NMK

  • Olga Boznańska, Portrait of a Woman - Gipsy Woman oil, canvas, 1888, ownership: NMK

  • Olga Boznańska, After the Walk - A Lady in a White Dress oil, canvas, 1889, ownership: NMK

  • Olga Boznańska, Portrait of Paul Nauen oil, canvas, 1893, ownership NMK

  • Olga Boznańska, Portret with a Japanese Parasol oil, cardboard, 1892, ownership National Museum in Wrocław

  • Olga Boznańska, Self-Portrait Pastel, paper, ca 1897, ownership NMK

  • Olga Boznańska, Interior 1906, ownership: NMK

  • Olga Boznańska, Flowers (two-sided image) oil, panel, after 1920, ownership: NMK

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