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At 10.09.2019 the exhibition will be closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Exhibition "Situation has changed" is there to remind us of the Gallery of Polish Art of the 20th Century that used to be an important element among the permanent exhibitions of the NMK. Due to the great exhibition of Stanisław Wyspiański's works, the exhibition of the art of the 20th century was closed. After the end of Wyspiański presentation, it will come back in a new shape, like the Gallery of the Art of the 20th and 21st Century.

The situation has changed is a temporary exhibition of 100 works selected by the curators. Those are mainly the works known from the previous exhibition, complemented with new objects. The idea of the exhibition is to present Polish art of the 20th century in a non-orthodox manner. It will neither be a chronological arrangement, nor a didactic lecture about artistic trends. We want to show the distinctness of the 20th-century art on the background of art history.

There are civilizations, where stylistic changes and artistic goals would not change during whole millennia. In European art, the cycle of historical stylistic changes lasted for about 100 to 200 years. Unbloomed buds of early Gothic flowers dried gradually, similar was the case with Baroque acanthus, Renaissance and Mannerism scroll, Gothic tracery and other ornaments. The aims of art remained unchanged – the glorification of God and feudal power, religious didactics, mythological parables. 20th century significantly changed the form and contents. Trends appeared every few years, sometimes simultaneously. Instead of a static, slow process of change, the artistic trends were in almost chaotic, constant movement. Subsequent "-isms" germinated, piled, collided. New content questioned previous rules. Instead of glorification, there was a criticism of power. Instead of the constant strengthening of social and religious order, those were being deconstructed. Disintegration, grotesque, incidents, absurd, paradox, and most of all criticism were the notions that artists were occupied with.

Exhibition of the 20th-century art is the kaleidoscope of those phenomena. We hope that the new arrangement of works will enable the spectators to spot important issues and questions related to contemporary art.

Autor: Magdalena Czubińska

XX century art

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