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Jan Matejko's 'Veit Stoss as a Child' 23.11.2016-31.12.2017 Jan Matejko's 'Veit Stoss as a Child'

A display of Jan Matejko's 1855 painting titled 'Veit Stoss as a Child', which will be exhibited to the public for the first time since the end of Jan Matejko's jubilee exhibition in 1938.

The painting was a gift from the teenage painter to doctor S. Kopczyński, probably as a form of payment for treatment. This is the first scene in the works of Jan Matejko devoted to Veit Stoss (c.1447-1533), a sculptor, painter and printmaker. It depicts a bust of a fair-haired boy leaning against a book and holding a carving chisel. A more mature-aged sculptor is the protagonist of Jan Matejko's 'Blind Veit Stoss with Granddaughter' painted in 1865.

In 1855, when Jan Matejko created 'Veit Stoss as a Child', he was already an author of a number of sketches, studies and portraits. His paintings on historical themes included 'Henry Valois Entering Krakow', 'The Shuysky Tsars Introduced by Żółkiewski to the Warsaw Seym before Sigismund III in 1611' and 'Ladislaus Jagiello before the Battle of Grunwald'.

MNK The Matejko

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