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Jan Hrynkowski. The artist's story

08.11.2019-08.03.2020 Jan Hrynkowski. The artist's story

The exhibition, whose focus is the painter, graphic designer, stage designer and promoter of art Jan Hrynkowski (1891–1971) is not only this great artist’s monograph, but also an attempt of looking at chosen aspects of Polish artistic life of the first half of the twentieth century through his eyes.

This attempt is possible thanks to an archive left by the artist, encompassing documents, photographs and texts devoted to the story of the generation of artists who created the first Polish avant-garde of the twentieth century – Polish Expressionists, later Formists.  The works of art and archival materials collected by Hrynkowski form the centre of the exhibition’s scenario – created by the artist himself. His works are exceptionally varied in terms of style, subject matter and technique and even his latest works are characterised by unusual intensity. At the exhibition, Jan Hrynkowski’s works are accompanied by art created by his teachers and colleagues, one of the greatest Polish artists of the twentieth century.

Curator of the exhibition - Światosław Lenartowicz
Coordinators - Kamila Hyska, Aleksandra Kłaput
Arrangement - Magdalena Bujak

MNK The Main Building

al. 3 Maja 1
  • Monday: closed
  • Tuesday - Sunday: 10.00-18.00
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