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Parisian climate in Józef Czapski's diaries

18.09-09.12.2018 Parisian climate in Józef Czapski's diaries
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Józef Czapski's diaries are an extraordinary combination of diaries and painting, as well as a specific calendar of the artist's rich life. The National Museum in Krakow has 275 diaries and the Józef Czapski Pavilion regularly exhibits those valuable objects, every time in a different thematic scene, prepared by Janusz S. Nowak.

Sixteen diaries from the years 1945 – 1978 include sketches made with pen, felt-tip pen, crayon and watercolor, related to Paris. Czapski's immediacy of vision allows him to draw people, landscapes, scenes in cafés, exhibition rooms, train stations, underground, or symbolic buildings of Paris. Some of those painting notes will be used by Czapski in his oil paintings.
Exhibiting Czapski's diaries together with oil paintings (from the NMK collection) in one room on the 1st floor of the Pavilion, both types of his work coming from different periods in his career reflect the artist's complete proficiency.

Autor: Agnieszka Kosińska, Janusz S. Nowak

MNK The Czapski

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