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cycle: Concerts at the National Museum in Krakow

The 1st monographic concert of J. Fitelberg

cycle: Concerts at the National Museum in Krakow
The 1st monographic concert of J. Fitelberg

MNK The Main Building

al. 3 Maja 1
7 p.m.

Pan Ton String Quartet in cooperation with the National Museum in Krakow and the Polish Viola Society invites to the 1st Monographic Concert devoted to the chamber music of Jerzy Fitelberg written for string quartet. The concert will take place on August 29, 2021 at 7 p.m. in the Main Building of the National Museum in al. 3 Maja 1 in Krakow. The event accompanies the exhibition "4 x Modernity. Polish National Styles".

During the first concert, the Pan Ton String Quartet will present three of the six pieces for string quartet by Jerzy Fitelberg: Quartet No. 1 (1926), Quartet No. 2 (1928) and Quartet No. 3 (1935-36). The event will also be accompanied by an original lecture by the quartet’s viola player concerning the life and work of this forgotten composer.

The works of Jerzy Fitelberg (1903-1951) is a rediscovered output, in which we can find a unique fusion of styles, trends and creative directions from various European and North American artistic circles seen in the first half of the 20th century. This composer, for reasons that are not fully explained, remains forgotten and underestimated today, despite the fact that his music was often performed at many important festivals and concerts before his death, and received several prestigious awards. One of the tasks of this event is to revitalize and popularize this unjustly overlooked figure and creativity.

The Pan Ton String Quartet are: Karolina Szymbara, Fabio Salmeri (violin), Paweł Riess (viola), Krzysztof Sadłowski (cello).

Admission to the concert is free. Due to pandemic restrictions, the number of seats remains limited, therefore prior booking is required, which can be made by e-mail (booking@mnk.pl) or by phone (+48 12 433 57 44)

Both monographic concerts can be executed thanks to Scholarship of the Minister of Culture, Art, National Heritage and Sport.

The media patronage over the event was taken by the Polish Music Information Center polmic.pl and the Szafa Melomana – podcast and blog about classical music.

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