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A cappella music of the Polish and European Renaissance

A cappella music of the Polish and European Renaissance

The Princes Czartoryski Museum

ul. Pijarska 15, 31-015 Kraków
6:30 p.m.

The National Museum in Krakow invites you to the concert ‘A cappella music of the Polish and European Renaissance’, which will take place on 14 August, 2022 at the Princes Czartoryski Museum. The Cracow Singers choir will perform during the event. Tickets can be purchased via the website


The Cracow Singers ensemble is made up of singers whose common aspiration, as well as a hallmark, is the consistently developed sound aesthetics and the quality of interpretation.

The ensemble performs a repertoire of various genres and styles – from the times of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, to works by contemporary composers, including premieres of new works by Polish and foreign composers. In addition to performing a cappella music, the Cracow Singers collaborate with chamber and symphonic orchestras, performing in an enlarged line up.

During the concert you will be able to hear songs from the Polish and European Renaissance period, including compositions by Wacław of Szamotuły and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrin.

The word of introduction before the concert will be given by Katarzyna Płonka-Bałus, PhD, curator of the Princes Czartoryski Museum.


14 August, 2022 at 18.30, duration 50 minutes

Tickets: 30 zł,


The event is organized as part of the project Past the Future - Renovation and Equipment of the Princes Czartoryski Museum, National Museum in Krakow in order to provide access to a unique collection.

Cracow Singers

Małgorzata Panek, Lidia Sosnowska – sopranos
Katarzyna Freiwald, Zuzanna Kozłowska – altos
Piotr Windak, Karol Kusz – tenors
Wojciech Rasiak, Łukasz Dziuba – bass

Karol Kusz – artistic management


Concert programme

  1. Wacław z Szamotuł – Oratio pro Republica et Rege
  2. Antonio Caprioli – Quella bella e biancha mano
  3. Jacob Arcadelt – Il bianco e dolce cigno
  4. Luca Marenzio – Zefiro torna
  5. Wacław z Szamotuł – Dekalog więtszy [The Lesser Decalogue]
  6. Wacław z Szamotuł – Nakłoń Panie ku mnie ucho Twoje [Incline your ear, Lord, to me], Ps. 85
  7. Wacław z Szamotuł – Błogosławiony człowiek [Blessed man], Ps. 1
  8. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina – Missa Papae Marcelli, Kyrie
  9. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina – Missa Papae Marcelli, Gloria
  10. Claudio Monteverdi – Christe, adoramus te
  11. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina – Nunc dimittis


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