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Andrzej Wajda's Passing

Andrzej Wajda's Passing

Andrzej Wajda – one of the most prominent Polish filmmakers, an outstanding film, theatre and television director – died on 9 October 2016. He was the author of forty unforgettable works such as 'Everything for Sale' ('Wszystko na sprzedaż'), 'The Wedding' ('Wesele'), 'The Promised Land' ('Ziemia Obiecana'), 'The Ashes' ('Popioły'), 'Man of Marble' ('Człowiek z marmuru'), 'Pan Tadeusz' or 'Katyń'.
The Knight of the Order of the White Eagle, he was also awarded an honorary Oscar for his contribution to world cinema. Wajda was a highly regarded artist, an initiator of numerous cultural events and a friend of the National Museum in Krakow.

Andrzej Wajda and his wife – Krystyna Zachwatowicz-Wajda – were the originators and founders of The 'Manggha' Centre for Japanese Art and Technology (presently The 'Manggha' Museum of Japanese Art and Technology), which was built in 1994 in order to house the collection of Japanese art donated by Feliks Manggha Jasieński to the NMK. In recent years, the artist became even more involved with our Museum. In 1999, we organized an exhibition entitled 'Pan Tadeusz. Film Art at the Museum', while in 2014, we presented his work at the exhibition 'Andrzej Wajda's Films in World's Movie Posters', where we displayed posters created for his films around the world over the last sixty years.

Andrzej Wajda and his wife – Krystyna Zachwatowicz-Wajda – were also the initiators of the construction of The Józef Czapski Pavilion in the premises of The Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum, a branch of the NMK. In the years 2014-2016, they were personally involved in the implementation of this project by becoming members of its Programme Board.

The NMK is currently working on a large exhibition dedicated to the impressive and diverse work of the Artist. We regret that the Master will not be able to open this display.
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