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Concerts at the National Museum in Krakow

Concerts at the National Museum in Krakow

All visitors are welcome to attend the concerts held at the departments of the National Museum in Krakow. Admission is free.
Villa Atma is the world’s only biographical museum of Karol Szymanowski, the father of modern Polish music. This historic chalet in Zakopane, where the composer made his home, is filled with music. The central theme is the work of Szymanowski, as well as that of his predecessors and followers. Performers include both renowned masters and talented young artists, winners of music competitions who interpret the work of the creator of Myths and Harnasie in innovative ways.

The EUROPEUM Centre holds concerts jointly with the Witold Lutosławski Conservsatory of Krakow and the Polish Viola Society.

Young people are invited to attend a special series of concerts called Muzykowanie u Matejków [Making Music at the Matejkos’], organized at the Jan Matejko House. The series is intended to bring back the original spirit of the Matejko family’s salon.

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