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The day of free admission to permanent exhibitions at the NMK is Tuesday.

The museum is closed on Mondays.

ATTENTION! Please read the organizational changes applicable at the "Lempicka" exhibition: https://mnk.pl/events/lempicka-organizational-changes

The Main Building - Collections

  • There are very few mementoes of Adam Asnyk – a poet, journalist, insurgent, Tatra climber, activist, Member of Parliament and Krakow councillor – preserved in Polish collections. Some of them – such as his oil portrait, name day 'addresses', funeral wreath sash – are stored in the National Museum in Krakow, and will be displayed for the first time in one exhibition to be presented to the public.

  • Artist unknown, Adam Asnyk with his parents – Konstancja née Zagórowska and Kazimierz Asnyk Krakow (?), c. 1870 (?)
    albumen print

  • Artist unknown, Adam Asnyk Heidelberg, 1860/1861
    albumen print

  • Walery Rzewuski (1837 - 1888), Adam Asnyk Krakow, c. 1874
    albumen print

  • Aleksy Strażyński (1859-1902), Portrait of Adam Asnyk Krakow, 1886
    oil on canvas

  • T. Cwiżewicz, Portrait of Adam Asnyk 1897-1910
    bronze cast

  • Julian Stanko, Name day address from Ziomek to Adam Asnyk Krakow, 1893
    cardboard, gouache, ink, manuscript

  • Jan Styfi (1841-1921), after the original by Ksawery Pillati (1843-1902), based on a photograph by Walery Rzewuski (1837-1888) Adam Asnyk (El...y), from: 'Tygodnik Powszechny' 1883, no. 27, p.1
    Warsaw, 1883
    newsprint, woodcut

  • Sash with a dedication for Adam Asnyk and Kornel Ujejski Souvenir of the Mass dedicated to the souls of the Poets in St John's church in Vilnius
    Vilnius, 1897
    rep, print

  • Sash from a flower basket presented to Adam Asnyk by Aleksy Strażyński (in place of „a shy girl”) on behalf of Polish women during the play titled 'The Lerche Brothers' on 6 May 1886 Krakow, 1886
    rep, print

  • Andrzej Zajkowski (1851-1914), 'Dr Adam Asnyk after a portrait by Kazimierz Pochwalski', from: 'Tygodnik Ilustrowany' 1897, no. 33, p. 1 Warsaw, 1897
    newsprint, woodcut

  • A publication featuring panoramas of Kalisz presented to Adam Asnyk by 'Admirers' on 24 December 1896 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his creative work Kalisz, Wincenty Franciszek Boretti (?) – photographs, A. Lewandowicz – binding, 1896
    binding: cardboard, velvet, rep, cut and engraved silver

  • A diploma appointing Adam Asnyk as an honorary member of the Literary-Artistic Club of Lviv / Lviv, binding: Ludwik Wierzbicki, 1896 manuscript on parchment, binding: leather, velvet, silver, brass

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