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In the years 2011–2013 the National Museum in Krakow, together with its Slovak partner, the P.O. Hviezdoslav Orava Museum in Dolny Kubin, implemented the project “Muzyka pod Tatrami” (Music beneath the Tatras) as part of the Republic of Poland – Republic of Slovakia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007–2013.
The “Muzyka pod Tatrami” project was 85% financed by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund as part of the Republic of Poland – Slovak Republic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007–2013 and the Polish state budget.

The project incorporated both art education work and investments. The former included workshops for children and young people, and concerts of music by Polish and Slovak composers inspired by the Tatras. The investments were the renovation and modernization of the historic Villa Atma, the world’s only biographical museum devoted to the Polish composer Karol Szymanowski, and the construction of a tourist centre at Orava Castle.

In order to meet the expectations of the contemporary tourist, yet without compromising the unique atmosphere of Villa Atma, we have incorporated multimedia in the rejuvenated exhibition to give the best possible insight into the person and work of Szymanowski and the times in which he lived, and to enable visitors to listen to excerpts from his compositions. A new concert piano has been purchased for the concert room. We have also invested in the building’s immediate surroundings and its illumination, rendering the site accessible to the disabled and revitalising the garden to return it to its 1930s layout.
The extensive scale of the renovation of Atma was made possible in part thanks to grants from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The Tourist Centre on the Slovak side has become the main information point for all visitors. It offers information not only on the Orava Museum, but also about other major historic sites of interest and ventures across the trans-border region. In addition to the information point, the visitor centre houses toilets, a library and exhibition, and hosts workshops and meetings with artists. The investment also included improvements to the site around Orava Castle, the installation of street lighting on the access road, and creation of facilities for the disabled.

The “Muzyka pod Tatrami” project was accompanied by a broad-based promotion campaign designed to popularise our regions among tourists. Temporary exhibitions on partner institutions were staged, under the banner “Poznajmy się” [Let’s get to know each other], a guide was published, flyers and posters printed, and campaign freebies disseminated. The project was profiled on our websites, and a documentary film charting its achievements was made.

The main aim – to improve the attractiveness of the Polish-Slovak border region for tourists in the context of promoting cultural tourism – was achieved, and the practices jointly developed will improve future cooperation between the two institutions in the area of promoting the cultural heritage of both countries.

Total project budget: €1,222,763.38
External financing (85%): €1,039,348.87

Atma Honorary Committee
The first meeting of the Honorary Committee Karol Szymanowski Museum in Villa "Atma" was held on March 1, 2013 in the Main Building of the National Museum in Krakow.

Members of the Committee:
Kazimierz Barczyk - President of the Parliament of the Malopolska District
Karol Bula - Honorary President of the Music Society
prof. Teresa Chylińska, Kraków
prof. Kaja Danczowska, Kraków
prof. Jerzy Godziszewski, Bydgoszcz
Zofia Gołubiew - Director of the National Museum in Krakow
prof. Zofia Helman, Warszawa
prof. Alicja Jarzębska, Kraków
Witold Juchniewicz, Karol Szymanowski Foundation , Warszawa
śp. prof. Wojciech Kilar, Warszawa
Zdzisław Łapiński - Rector of the Academy of Music in Krakow
Leszek Dorula - Mayor of Zakopane
Paweł Przytocki – former Director of the Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic in Krakow
Adam Radzikowski - Prezes Zarządu Polskiego Wydawnictwa Muzycznego
Marek Sowa - Marshal of Małopolska Distict
prof. Mieczysław Tomaszewski, Kraków
Bogdan Tosza – Director of the Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic in Krakow

Filharmonii im. Karola Szymanowskiego w Krakowie
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