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How to book a museum lesson or tour

How to book a museum lesson or tour

Booking information: how to book a lesson or a guided tour, admission of group visits, necessary information, fees.
Fees for museum lessons ad Collection Classes:
(Fee for a museum lesson includes the cost of admission; admission is free for 3 carers per group)
PLN 12 per student for a lesson in Polish
PLN 24 per student for a lesson in a foreign language

PLN 30 per student – pass for 3 lessons
PLN 40 per student – pass for 5 lessons
PLN 80 per student - pass for 10 lessons

Fees for guided tours:
Admission ticket to the gallery + guide service
Guided tour in Polish:
one gallery – PLN 130

Guided tour in a foreign language:
one gallery – PLN 150
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