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How to book a museum lesson or tour

How to book a museum lesson or tour

How to book a museum lesson or tour

Booking information: how to book a lesson or a guided tour, admission of group visits, necessary information, fees.

You can book a visit via:

1. The Information and Reservation Centre of the National Museum in Krakow
From 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m., tel. +48 12 433 54 44, e-mail:

2. The Karol Szymanowski Museum at Villa Atma in Zakopane - tel. 018/ 202-00-40 e-mail:
The Reservation Centre accepts reservations for guided tours, museum lessons, Collection Classes and group visits with or without a city guide.

Information required to make a booking:
Date and time of your visit
Type of service, e.g. museum lesson, Collection Class, guided tour etc.

Group size, age of visitors
Contact details: address of the institution, group organiser’s telephone number and e-mail
Additional information that will allow us to prepare better for your visit to the Museum
Guided tours, museum lessons and Collection Classes must be booked no later than two weeks before the planned visit. 

If you cancel a booking fewer than two days before the scheduled date of the visit, you are obliged to refund 50% of the costs of the lesson, Class Collection or tour you ordered.
Visits to the Sukiennice Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art must be booked no later than one month before the planned visit. 

Group size:
Museum lessons, Collection Classes: 10 - 30 persons per group
Guided tour: 1 - 30 persons per group
Groups larger than 30 people will be divided into 2-4 smaller groups and allowed into the galleries at intervals depending on the size of the gallery.
The above provision does not apply to the Jan Matejko House and the Bishop Erazm Ciołek Palace, where the maximum group size is 20 people.

Museum lessons, Collection Classes:
nursery schools – up to 60 minutes
primary schools, lower and upper secondary schools - 60 to 90 minutes
Museum lessons and Collection Classes are available from Tuesday to Friday during the opening hours of the galleries. Last admission is 90 minutes before the closing time.

Group visits:
From 60 to 90 minutes, from Tuesday to Sunday during the opening hours of the galleries. Last admission is 90 minutes before the closing time. 

Fees for museum lessons ad Collection Classes:
(Fee for a museum lesson includes the cost of admission; admission is free for 3 carers per group)
PLN 10 per student for a lesson in Polish
PLN 20 per student for a lesson in a foreign language

Passes for 3, 5 and 10 museum lessons may be purchased at a discounted price:
PLN 21 per student – pass for 3 lessons
PLN 35 per student – pass for 5 lessons
PLN 60 per student - pass for 10 lessons

Fees for guided tours:
Admission ticket to the gallery + guide service
Guided tour in Polish:
one gallery – PLN 100
two galleries – PLN 130
three galleries – PLN 180

Guided tour in a foreign language:
one gallery – PLN 130
two galleries – PLN 180
three galleries – PLN 200

We reserve the right to cancel or change the date of sessions due to unforeseen circumstances.

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